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Whose Fault is it, Anyway?

Okay. I can’t remain quiet any longer. Ever since a government shutdown became possible, both the Democrat and Republican party leaders have been pointing fingers and throwing accusations at the other side. The American public has seemed to follow suit, accusing Republicans of not caring about the public and making a power play, and claiming Democrats are the real ones who don’t care and are power hungry and rigid, uncompromising at the risk of hurting the economy and the country.

It’s ridiculous. Both sides have made power plays, and both sides are entrenched in their political posturing. Yet, the blame game goes on. So, who IS to blame? Who IS the side at fault?

I really think we miss the point when we’re trying to assess blame. We are also missing the true focus of blame.

First, we miss the point by thinking if we can permanently attach blame to one side or another, we can further our own agenda. The point of the debate is not to assess blame. The point should be to figure out how to get the government back on track. Blame is inconsequential at this juncture. Function is of utmost importance. And both sides are dysfunctional like crazy!

Second, the true blame lies with us, the American people. We have allowed the mess to degenerate into name-calling, blame-assessing, and posturing instead of true leadership that moves to the future. I have come to the conclusion that the only way truly out of the mess we, the people, have allowed to evolve is to vote out every single incumbent, get new representatives of the people (not poster-children of the parties), and start all over. That way, no one has a reputation at stake or a voting record to uphold. We all start at ground zero, all equal in seniority, all fresh from the campaign to truly represent the people, not the dogma. This is the only thought that lowers my blood pressure.

Vote ‘Em ALL Out! Who’s with me? Or do you have a better suggestion?


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